Born and raised on Chicago’s “West Side”, BARNONE THE M.O.D. refined his skills performing in local venues as a solo artist and as a member of two of Chicago’s hottest “Under Ground” Hip Hop groups: N.O.M.A.D.S. and C-FAM. BARNONE is among the hottest Midwest hip-hop artists today, his dedication to distinctive music has produced multiple sensational projects: Whip it Like ah Chevy; Not Friends; I’m ah Boss; and Dat Heat are some of his latest.

Barnone 8

BARNONE is the founder of the independent record label Closed Casket Entertainment (C.C.E.). At the end of 2011, he released two mixed CDs of new and previously released music Cardiac Arrest and Family First which are currently being sold. This music was recorded as BARNONE THE M.O.D. also as a member N.O.M.A.D.S. and C-FAM.

BARNONE continues to work with many Midwest Hip Hop and R&B talent on their projects and his own. He also works with numerous producers, both new to the business and those advancing their careers!

Ramon Songs
Barnone Singing

BARNONE continues to travel throughout the Midwest building an excited fan base that appreciates his passion. His work on numerous projects has achieved local acclaim about his lyrical content and performance skills. In 2012, BARNONE focused on recording and releasing his debut album. This singular focus ensured BARNONE THE M.O.D. to remain a force on the Hip Hop scene.